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My Mission is to supply Fire Stations with much needed oxygen masks to save our pets lives

My name is Emily Rilling.  I am 12 years old and I live in Bucks County, PA.  I did not want to receive any gifts for my birthday this year, instead I wanted to do something for pets in my local township.  After much research, I found out that most fire stations did not have these life saving masks.  So, I decided that I would  supply Pet Oxygen Mask Kits to my local fire stations instead of receiving birthday gifts.  This endeavor became larger then I ever expected.  After distributing kits to my local fire stations, many fire stations surrounding my local township have reached out to me asking how to get these life saving masks. With the help of my family, friends, and your donations, I have distributed 2 Pet Oxygen Mask Kits to more than 60 fire stations throughout Bucks County, PA.  In  order to keep my mission alive I am asking for help!

How You Can Help

You can help by making a small donation towards the purchase of these kits. Each kit contains a small, medium, and large mask with the tubing needed to connect the mask to an oxygen tank.  Just one of these kits can save the lives of many pets. It is my hope to distribute 2 Pet Oxygen Recovery Mask Kits to every fire station in Bucks County, PA. I need your help to accomplish this goal.  Please make your donation to the link  below or click on the donate now button to go straight to PayPal.


Your generous gift will give the opportunity to save the life of a family pet.

Thank you, Emily

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